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128th canton fair on line

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The current new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading globally, and China's foreign defense import pressure is still relatively high. With the approval of the State Council, the 128th Canton Fair will continue to be held online from October 15-24.

This year's Canton Fair has upgraded and optimized the "cloud platform" to improve the level of online exhibitions. Continue to set up 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, with a total of about 60,000 booths, and nearly 26,000 exhibitors at home and abroad. The scale is basically the same as the 127th session. All exhibits will be displayed online during the same period from October 15th to 24th, and the exhibition will last for 10 days. In order to better achieve the goal of "getting in, finding and talking", this year's Canton Fair has upgraded the official website platform from many aspects, with more comprehensive services and more convenient use. The platform will set up columns for exhibitors and exhibits, supply and procurement docking, virtual exhibition halls, exhibitor live broadcasts, news and events, conference services, cross-border e-commerce areas, etc., integrating functions such as all-weather online display, marketing promotion, supply and procurement docking, and online negotiation. One.

Exhibitors can showcase their corporate strength and latest products in various forms such as graphics, video, 3D, and VR; through live marketing, enrich corporate publicity and display methods; create a virtual exhibition hall to create a physical exhibition atmosphere. Buyers can visit, browse and negotiate online, and find interested trading partners and products through instant communication, appointment negotiation, trade matching and other services, so that they can place orders and do business without leaving home. Continue to set up special topics for cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas, publicize the work of each comprehensive test area, and promote a group of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises. Continue to set up cross-border e-commerce platform topics, and co-organize the "Synchronized Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunities" event with related B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms. Both parties exchange links, encourage the platform to organize various enterprises to participate in activities, and expand the beneficiary enterprises.

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